About ATS

History of ATS

ATS develops real time micro computer pattern generator
ATS develops high speed pattern buffer
ATS opens full support for Tektronix S3200 factory service
ATS expands field service organization in LA, Phoenix, Boston
Support of Accutest ATE
Development of dual pincard
Expansion into S3295 VLSI support
Distribution relationship with EuroTech Systems for all of Europe
Development of replacement computer and software for all Tektronix S3200 systems
Purchase of entire S3200 business from Credence Corporation
Development of Y2K operating system fixes at the assembly code level
Acquisition of entire Domain product line from Credence Corporation
Full service offering for Domain customers worldwide
Reintroduction of Sparc-20 CPU upgrade
Redesign of critical system components of Domain testers
Reduction in Domain noise floor
Reliability improvements
Introduction of Domain modular upgrades
Introduction of Linux Operating System for All Domain™ 20 Systems