Basic System User's Manual

The Domain™ 20 Series Basic System User’s Manual is the cornerstone of the Domain documentation package. It contains the definitive description of the jobpreparation software, the test hardware, and the test language. Most of the information presented in the manual is shared by all testers in the Domain™ product line (3520, 4020, 5020, and AMT). Where particular information is tester-specific, the variations are provided.

Digital Signal Processing Tools User's Manual

The Digital Signal Processing Tools User's Manual is intended to explain the implementation of digital signal processing on an ATS mixed-signal test system. It provides examples (particularly in Chapter 4) that will help you work through some of the conceptual problems associated with DSP test development.

Digital Waveform Pattern Processor (DWPP) Manual

The Digital Waveform Pattern Processor Manual provides the necessary information to develop, modify, and maintain test plans using the DWPP. It also contains information on the hardware, software, and system integration with the digital signal processing (DSP) subsystem. Block diagrams and language summaries are provided to help clarify DWPP functionality.

Programmable Test Head (PTH) User's Manual

The Programmable Test Head (PTH) User's Manual provides the information needed to set up, operate, and program the PTH option of the Domain™ 3520 through 5020 series analog/mixed signal component testers.

Waveform Digitizer User's Manual

The Waveform Digitizer User's Manual describes the Waveform Digitizer and the programming methods used to convert analog audio and video signals to digital information. The following topics are covered:
  • Introduction
  • Programming the Waveform Digitizer
  • Waveform Digitizer Procedures and Functions

STDF Data Manager

The STDF™ Data Manager Version 5 is an ATS product compatable with the Firms STDF-Version 4 formatted data. This document contains a description of all features of the Data Manager, including features which are new in this release.