Applied Test Systems (ATS) announces the availability of a Linux upgrade for the STS3500, STS3520, STS4000, STS4020, STS5000, STS5020 Test Systems.
  • Replaces the obsolete SUN computer with a modern Intel based computer.
  • Uses the Linux operating system for best compatibility with UNIX.
  • Improves test times by 10% to 50%.
  • Provides multisite capability of up to 8 sites.
  • Data logging is now compliant to STDF version 4.
  • Data logging may be sent, automatically, to a network server.
  • Shell scripts or programs may be run automatically at end-of-sub-lot, end-of-lot, at regular time intervals, and at regular number-of-device intervals. Such scripts can be used to transfer data to a network server, produce special reports, perform yield analysis, send warnings to a test manager via email, etc.
  • Improved System calibration and diagnostics result in greater accuracy, better correlation, and less tester caused application failures.
  • Improved interfacing to parallel, GPIB or RS232 handlers.
  • Modern editors speed Test Program development and debugging.
  • New debugger makes it easy to troubleshoot Test Programs.
  • Easy Test Program conversion from old SUN computer.
  • New Test Program development is faster, with typical compile times of less than one second.
  • Applications support is available for program conversions and new program development.
  • Technical Support is available for installation, maintenance, and repair.
  • Board Exchange or On-Site Service is available, worldwide.
  • New or refurbished, custom configured systems, are also available.

CAN Program

ATS has developed a Fault Tolerant CAN transceiver ( AMIS41682 or TJA1054) test program package that fully tests the device to all spec sheet requirements, including all failure mode testing. This is a modular program that can easily be adapted to similar devices. This is just an example of how versatile the ATS Test Systems are.