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Faster, Better, And Easier To Use Than Ever Before
If you’re looking for a way to make your tester run faster, to add capabilities, and improve eas of use, ATS is it! Push parts through faster, run tests at tighter tolerances for better correlation, and make it easier to use for fluid test program development. <%--a href="" class="ReadMoreLink">Read More…

Hardware Test Resources

Add New Resources For More Test Capabilities
Do you need to test more complex devices? Here is where you can add those capabilities without breaking your budget.
More Digital Pins, More Digital Pattern Memory (DPM), Higher Speed
Multi-Site Testing
Custom Test Solutions: Programmable Test Head (PTH) gives you all the right choices to solve your unique testing challenges. Our testers include:
  • Open Source Hardware. Create your own test resource at the DUT.
  • High Current Switching: 9A relay board
  • Remote Relay Matrix: Get close to the DUT, customize signal switching
  • Quad Ramp and Hold
  • Op Amp Loop
  • Digitizer Front End
  • Waveform Generator Back-End (WGBE): Waveform Generation where you need it
Expand Your Tester Capabilities Now
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System Sales and Leasing

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Sorted By Applications

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Sorted By Technology

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Featured Products

Higher Throughput Without Capital Outlays or Costs
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