Test Solutions for Every Requirement

Semiconductor Technologies

Different IC technologies tend to have unique test requirements and influence the overall tester configuration. Testing analog, mixed signal, high pin count digital, or power devices determine the tester’s configuration of resource modules. Often a baseline tester with standard modules can be augmented with specialized functions to focus on one or a variety of IC types. <%-- Explore a="" variety of tester configurations and resource modules by selecting the IC technologies… span class="ReadMore" onclick="ScrollToTop();SetMenu('Solutions');SetClicked('/Technologies.cnt');CaptureClick();"> [read more]

Tester Resources: Modular Building Blocks

Add capabilities to your tester with off-the-shelf, fully integrated building blocks. Tester resources modules are individual plug-in components that expand and reconfigure hardware test capabilities.
Examples might be a GPIB controlled voltmeter, a 1,000 volt current/voltage source, or an arbitrary waveform generator. Additional digital pin cards can increase digital channels to several hundred channels while increasing pattern memory depth to millions of vectors. In order to fully test a new device type, test resources can be added to a current tester.
Reduced cost are an important benefit as is the shortened development time of the final test program. <%--span class="ReadMore" onclick="ScrollToTop();SetMenu('Solutions');SetClicked('/TesterResources.cnt');CaptureClick();"> [read more]

Test Development Services

Do you need to create a new test program, manufacture a fixture or convert a test from one platform to another? ATS can help. And, if it’s a rush job, we want to get behind you and be part of the solution.
High priority, rush situations come up unexpectedly. Often you’ll need a turnkey solution ASAP if not sooner. When delivery is critical and there’s no room for slippage ATS can handle it. We’ll make it happen and deliver your solution on time and within budget. Our solution will encompass all the hardware, software and documentation required for your final signoff.
Our systems experience and our in-depth knowledge moves your project forward smoothly and quickly. We’re the experts and we know our test systems inside and out.
Increase your cross platform options. Let us move your current test program from whatever other tester you might have to the STS. We can do the full conversion, a portion of the project, provide assistance or train your staff in the process.
Regardless of you test program needs call us and get results. You can contact us directly with your designs or test specifications and we’ll start working on it. Or you can brainstorm with our tech support about a specific application problem. <%--span class="ReadMore" onclick="ScrollToTop();SetMenu('Solutions');SetClicked('/TestDevelopment.cnt');CaptureClick();"> [read more]

Custome Design Solutions

How can you add a new capability without buying a whole new test system? Simple. Tell us what you want and we’ll figure out how to make it happen. We’ll design the hardware, integrate it into the software and create the api. Our open source test head and software driver allows you to create your own tester resources at the fraction of the cost of a new tester.
Send us a schematic on a napkin and we can take it from there, providing a real world solution to meet your needs. <%--span class="ReadMore" onclick="ScrollToTop();SetMenu('Solutions');SetClicked('/DesignSolutions.cnt');CaptureClick();"> [read more]


Knowledge is the tool that makes people effective. ATS training is the vehicle to transfer that knowledge to your personnel. Our courses encompass basic applications, advanced subjects like DSP and mixed signal, and maintenace services. <%--span class="ReadMore" onclick="ScrollToTop();SetMenu('Solutions');SetClicked('/Training.cnt');CaptureClick();"> [read more]

Reduce Cost and Increase Production

Move savings to the bottom line by cutting the cost of test. The bigger picture might be more subtle. For example slicing a fraction off the cost of one of your high running parts may win that huge customer contract. Shorter test times and increased production will make your company more competitive in the real world AND improve your bottom line.
We have innovative solutions that reduce test times, improve correlation and increase yeilds. <%--span class="ReadMore" onclick="ScrollToTop();SetMenu('Solutions');SetClicked('/ReduceCost.cnt');CaptureClick();"> [read more]