PTH Modules

The STS family of mix-signal test systems is today’s economic Smart Choice for testing analog, digital and mixed-signal electronic devices. Each of these systems offers a unique array of capabilities making them ideal for production testing of ICs used in the telecommunications, consumer audio, and automotive markets.

9 Amp 4x4 Matrix Module

The 9 Amp 4x4 Matrix Module provides a means of routing high power supply outputs and loads to selected DUT pins under software control.

General Purpose Relay Module (GPRLY)

The General Purpose Relay Module is designed to reduce or eliminate the need to install application-specific relays on the Swap Board.

Dual Op Amp Loop Module

The Dual Op Amp Loop module is designed specifically to test Op Amp devices.

Quad Picoammeter Module (PA)

The Quad Picoammeter Module is designed to make fast and accurate leakage measurements.

Quad Differential Pulse Driver Module (PD)

The Quad Differential Pulse Driver provides four differential drivers to the DUT.

Quad Ramp and Hold Module (QRH)

The Quad Ramp and Hold Module is designed to measure input thresholds. The module enhances any input threshold test where an interface device requires relatively small input levels and has input hysteresis.

TMU Front End Module (TMUFE)

The TMU Front End Module eliminates the need to build and program switching networks that connect multiple DUT outputs to the Time Measurement Unit.

Video Front End Module (VFE)

The purpose of the Video Front End Module is to act both as a back end for a wideband synthesizer and as a front end for the 10 MHz Waveform Digitizer (Board Number 60-1083).

Waveform Generator Back End Module (WGBE)

Generator Back End Module increases small signal S/N ratio by attenuating, at the test head, an intentionally oversize signal.